Tuesday, August 31, 2004

CESL students!

CESL is trying a new thing this term; we are trying to make our students more familiar with putting things online, having a spot in cyberspace, and being able to express yourself and connect to places you like. Your teacher may require that you do this, or may just hope that you do this; the writing assistants will help you do this.

To learn how, go here. Or ask the writing assistants. They'll help!

In addition, CESL Today, the newsletter of CESL students, will publish its 045 issue online in early October. To do this we'd like to collect works from all CESL classes on class weblogs, which your writing assistant will help set up.

Don't worry- your writing is good (we know this by experience)! Having it seen by others is part of the fun; that's what it's for. However, if you really want yours to be private, just say so. Put that on the weblog somewhere prominent. Hopefully your wish will be respected by everyone.

I hope you can learn to connect to your friends, and have them connect to you; we at CESL would like to see an interconnected set of interesting weblogs. We will teach you how to make links and put pictures in them. It's part of the fun. These weblogs are new...they weren't around a couple of years ago. But now's the time to learn how to use them! Good luck!