Friday, March 30, 2007

cesl photos

YES you can use photos from the CESL photo space:

to put on your blogs. To do it, read the instructions below. But
please remember the following:

-If you do not want your picture on the web, or in the CESL photo place (where everyone can use it) please tell us (tell Ms. Bird) and we will keep it off.....

Want to put one on your blog? On our LMC & CESL lab macs the process is like this.

1. Open up the picture you like by clicking on it. Move the window to one side of your screen, then
DRAG the photo over onto your desktop.

2. Now open the CREATE POST window. On the top, to the left of the main box, you'll see two icons; the right one is a tjat square that is half blue. Click on this square. Where it asks you to Choose file, choose the one on your desktop, whatever you choose to call it. Once it's uploaded, you can put it wherever you want in your post, or even on your template.

By the way, PICTURES FROM OTHER SOURCES are not as good, because someone might own them and not want you to borrow them. At least with the CESL site, you already have permission.