Friday, October 22, 2010

Six Flags- this weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mesfer- Culture Media EAP1-A

In the term 105 during the Culture Media class, I met seven students, four international students and three American SIU students, in the Wham building, specifically in the hallway of this building. We discussed some topics that are related to the American’s social life, such as family and education.
The first topic is, Americans have many types of family such as nuclear family, single parent family, extended family, and childless family. The nuclear is one that consists of a mother and father. It is the most common in the US because it can be a nurturing environment in which to raise children as long as there is love, time to focus on children’s development , emotional support, low stress, and a stable economic environment.
The second topic is the US education system and the Saudi Arabian education system. The education system in the US is different from the other education systems for many reasons. The education system in US cares for many things such as students, teachers, environment, technology, knowledge, and experience. Also, parents, students, community members, and governments always evaluate it. Moreover, it focuses on the information that is related to the student’s lives.
The third topic is the influence of media on American people. First of all, they think media is a good source of information and entertainment. The media play an important role in people’s lives: for example, it gives us a perception of various cultures, religions and beliefs. We will see how the people turn to media to learn about morals, values and interpersonal relationships from the media. In fact, the media has a great effect on the society and in our life experience. We sometimes try to apply these concepts to our everyday life. For example, teenagers like to watch TV shows about love, fashion, relationship, violence, speed and many other things.
In conclusion, this class is the best CESL class because it helps me to communicate with others, especially American students, and helps me to improve my English skills, such as speaking, listening, and writing. Also, I recognize American culture in different ways, such as holidays, customs, educations, laws, and lifestyles. I hope to continue this class in the next term.