Friday, May 22, 2009

new web sites

SIUC has now switched the entire cesl webpage system. Instead of, we are now Old webpages like are now redirected automatically to

There are a number of results of this, and things to remember. First, the weblogs aren't affected. They are on Blogger (Google territory); they didn't change. CESL has about 40 weblogs (all have blogspot in the URL) but over 300 webpages. The webpages all changed.

First, you should change all your bookmarks. SIUC has said they will redirect indefinitely, and probably they will. But the new URL is the real one; the old one is gone, really. Try to use the new one. And remember- it's SIUC, not SIU!

Second, business cards? Brochures? Messages? Links? One at a time, we have to change them all. It's not so bad if we do it a little at a time.

Finally, help CESL keep an eye out for broken links, etc. This huge number of pages is in constant need of upgrading and repair in general. Any way anyone can help, please do! We'd love to link to you and your country, just on general principle, anyway!

-Tom Leverett, CESL webmaster

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carbondale's storm

By now most of us know a little more about Carbondale's storm, which hit on Fri. May 8, and caused big damage all over town. It happened on graduation day; this was difficult for graduates and visitors, but by now cleanup crews have begun to remove and saw trees; Carbondale is busy at work to repair the damage. Meanwhile a new term has started...welcome to 093!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

inland hurricane

Carbondale was hit with an "inland hurricane" on Friday. There were tornados in the area, but what we saw was just intense winds. It knocked over trees, which ruined houses, buildings, cars, etc.; in general the area is a mess, and there's no power. For updates on places that are open, where you can get supplies, try these sites:

wsil live blog
WSIL news story

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Dangers of Playing Violent Video Game

We all actually know how harmful violent video games are. violent video games are realy dangerous and they have negative effects. Many murderers and killers were violent video players. The government must make selling violent video games prohibited. That will actually help us to protect out children specifically and raise them in a real way. However, we should encourage them to do other activities such as sport games. Also, all teachers and parents must teach children not to hurt any one with any kind of weapon. Finally, our children are our responsibility; we should take care of them because they are society's future.

Mohannad Bamigdad

Monday, May 04, 2009

Computer Pain


Pope-Gajic. O,(2001, Oct. 1) Computer Pain. retrieved on April. 10, 2009 from :


According to the author, she states that if you use computer a long time, you must feel tired and get some physical problems such as low back pain, horrible pain, and so on. Ergonomic problems, which include Carpal tunnel syndrome and aching back, have been increasingly common in modern society; however, nobody has noticed what the causes are.
First, in general we don't think that we have any physical problems in our bodies, but routine position and routine life undermine our bodies, especially computer work. On the other hand, we have solutions to ease this pain.
According to the article, treatment is very simple. The author suggests we should do proper exercise, take some medicine and keep god posture.
In addition, sometimes we need physical therapy, which can provide stretching, evaluation and correct exercises for our problems. If we do this constantly, we will be fine.
In conclusion, money is important, but you can't do anything without your health.


In present-day life, computer is one of the necessities of life. Moreover, we can do anything through internet. On the other hand, computer often causes some physical disease. It is clear current research reports many articles about computer pain. I'm interested in these diseases, because physical therapists have been active in this field recently. That is why I chose this article. I think physical therapy deeply relates to problems, which are caused by modern society.
Next, I want to talk about computer pain as well. In my opinion, approximately most people have the problem of computer pain in their life, because computer has been widespread all over the world. Computer pain is a serious problem, but nobody is aware of it.
I think it is a more serious problem than computer pain itself. I want to say something as a physical therapist. If people can become aware of this problem, they can treat it by themselves. Then, they must remove the pain finally. Proper exercise gives us a good body and reduces stress, but if you don't pay close attention to your body, your computer pain will never recover I think. It will be chronic pain. I have to protect people from these diseases of modern society as a physical therapist.