Friday, April 09, 2010

Attention please

The CESL weblog system even today remains open to all CESL students and faculty who want to use it to show what we do and what we can do. It may be difficult to imagine what true freedom of speech is like, but it relies on people using it for what it is intended for. It relies on our constant membership in a community that is concerned about what is said and shown in public. Please keep several things in mind.

1. Switching languages inherently leaves many people out; this is an English-speaking community, and in order for us to trust you you must teach us all your language first; you don't have time for that. You can of course do as you wish on your own weblog.

2. Switching languages of the entire system is of course something you can do; you can also destroy the entire system. But PLEASE DON'T. We use it. We like it. It is part of our class and our program. You can be sure that if you forced us, we would start over, and that if we had to start over, YOUR VOICE WOULD NO LONGER BE WELCOMED.

3. Making comments is ordinarily good and helpful. The above rules apply. We are adults. In order to keep our privileges we should behave. We welcome your contributions. If you have an attitude about CESL, what it does or how it does it, learn good English, say it in English, and follow the right channels. Thank you.

Monday, April 05, 2010