Friday, June 30, 2006

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Parents suffering with their children by Khalid Doubi

Khalid Doubi
Parents suffering with their children
Video games are one of the biggest problems that parents face with their children; they become the best friend for the child. They affect his health in general. Most of these video games have a lot of violence. The child who's sitting in his chair and playing video games will spend a lot of time playing them. The parents must control it because it's become more and more difficult to control than in the past; at the end of the day you can see that the child spent all his time on these games, and because of that the parents should make strict rules to control it.
I did research on video games and how it affected children, and I found that there is publicity about those children who spend all day playing it and default on all their day work. It's not good at all for their health, especially their eyes, because these games work on electricity and the others work on lasers; the child falls under the effect of the radiation of those dangerous games. It will hurt their eye, brain and body. These children are sitting in an unhealthy way, without any moving; that’s why they become fatter than they were. If they play these video games, they will not contact with the society. They will not be a productive for the country, they can not improve their skills while they are spending all the day playing these video games. The development which happens in the world will stop if the parents did not stop their children and control them, because the children are the generation of the future.
There are a lot of things that children can spend their time on instead of wasting their time with video games. They can read a story, contact with the society, visit his reality and read the newspaper. The scholastic level for the early childhood will go down; there are a lot of people in the world who leave the school and become useless. I find this situation a lot in my country, Saudi Arabia. The society oppresses the child who is banished from school. In my experience I had a hypomania on these video games, especially Grand Theft Auto, but my parents stopped me and punished me. I started to read stories and some magazine, What my parents did to me was good for me; I started to show my skills and improve them.
Most of these video games have alot of violence; this is the biggest problem that has an effect on children and sometimes adults. When the children kill each other on the video games, they will think that it's normal to kill; the murder rate will go up. Indiana state faced a problem; it was about a child who was playing violent games called Grand Theft Auto; he was killing people in the game every day, then he thought that it's normal to kill people, so he went to the street and killed two policemen and he became a murderer. These children could practice violence with their family first, then their friends; because of that, we can say that it changes the behavior and the thinking of the child, it changes the personality of the child, and when he grows up he would grow as a murderer and a killer. In Saudi Arabia we face a lot of these situations on the video games; when murderers kill people, they are hng or he commits suicide by himself. Last month, I read in the newspaper that there is a child from Saudi Arabia who killed his brother with his father's gun; these was a hullabaloo, and all the people were talking about it; the government is trying to stop these video games and also the parents have the biggest role to stop it or control it to stop all these problems.
In conclusion, if the parents control the situation they can make the video games funny, interesting and more safe. If they neglect this situation, the problem will get bigger and it will be the worst. If we use a thing that we have in a good way, it will make us succeed, even the video games, and if we use it in a bad way it will give us a bad effect. There are a lot of things that can develop the children and let them improve themselves, for example educational material.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

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