Monday, November 29, 2004

CESL Bowling

Many CESL students went bowling for the first time during the CESL Bowling Night. Students and teachers enjoyed a night of bowling and free pizza. Contests were held for individual high score, highest team score, best team spirit, and finniest style.

Awards go to:
-Young Lee for the highest score of 165 points.
-Lane 6 for the highest team score of 810 points.
-Lane 3 won the team spirit award with thier team cheer.
-Ammro Al-Kurashi won the funniest style for his knee-slide technique.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Virtual Tour

For this assignment, show us around a place you know well by making links to all the good places there. For example, look how Shalaigh made a tour of Chicago. You can now go to see all the interesting places in Chicago.

I'm working on Carbondale. It's not easy, because you have to know all the URL's before you start, or be able to go back to them, copy, paste, etc. Don't forget to put it on the class webpages when you're done! Thanks....