Monday, October 18, 2004

Great weblogs- 045

The August-October term is ended, and it will be best remembered for the term that CESL students really started to make and enjoy weblogs. Some are understandably hesitant, as these are public places, in English, and it's like public speaking in the sense that you feel like you have to be a little careful. But, what an opportunity to use English! I think they're very useful in practicing English, reading and writing, as well as learning computer skills, uploading, moving pictures around, etc.

In addition to the prize winners, best weblog Mandy, Meng-chieh Chung of AE2, second place, Jamie (GE) and Ammro (GE), there were several other excellent weblogs. For example, take a look at Rina (AE2), Alp (GE), and Anny (GE). These are well-made works of art!

Also, some students are really becoming good at the idea of the online portfolio, in which you put finished work and show some of what you can do in English. Some of the best online portfolios were in EAP2, where they were required; take a look at Mayumi, Eric, Yen, Melina, and Robert for starters. These students put every paper including a research paper online, fixed the grammar, and in some cases connected the links on the reference sections.

In other cases, students just did a good job putting finished work up, and they deserve notice. Take a look at Masaki,
Adriana, D.K., Tang, and Oktking, all in EAP1, and Eriko and YouJin (AE2), and Seunghun, Kevin, and Awni, in the lower levels. Good job!