Monday, March 27, 2006

CESL activities this term - JOIN US!

1. March 29, Wednesday 5-8pm. Bowling/Food night at the SIU Student Center Bowling Alley. All CESL students are invited and encouraged to compete in a friendly inter-level competition. The top 3 scores from each level will be averaged and the highest average will win a SUR-PRIZE given out at the end of term gathering in May. The food will be from Subway. There will be unlimited soft drinks. So, bring your camera and your fun spirit to have a good time with your CESL classmates and teachers. Good luck to everyone! Did I mention it’s FREE?!

2. April 15, Saturday 2-4:30pm. SIU Baseball game vs. Creighton University at SIU baseball fields, south of the Arena. Snacks are available but not included. Come one, come all to see this most important of all American pastimes. It’s free and exciting. Enjoy the springtime outdoors in Southern Illinois. Bring your friends!

3. April 29, Saturday 2-5pm. CESL’s Picnic in the Park. All CESL students are encouraged to come out to Evergreen Park, just south of the university to enjoy an afternoon with their classmates and teachers doing a number of fun activities such as soccer, volleyball, horseshoes, baseball, croquet, egg toss, and more! Snacks and drinks will be provided. Bring your cameras and be ready to have fun while practicing English!


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