Monday, January 10, 2005

Best Virtual Tours

Congratulations to everyone who made a virtual tour: they're great, they show us the world, and they show us your favorite parts of it.

The winner of the 046 Best Virtual Tour Award, First Prize, was Ammro Al-Kurashi, AE1, for a tour of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, entitled "My City". Good job! I love the pictures, though I'm not sure you took them yourself, or they would be directly in CESL Today...

Second Prize is Pei-Shan Yu, of AE2, for 5 Days in Beijing, which was very interesting and told a story about a trip there that she took with her friend.

Third prize is Chih-Ying (Jamie) Lin, of AE2, who did New Orleans, a wild city south of here where they have a Mardi Gras festival. She also got a nice picture which became the center of the latest edition of CESL Today.

But there were other good virtual tours. Don't forget Istanbul (by Alp), Palestine (by Awni), or Cheju Island (Korea), by Myo Young.

Teachers made some good ones, too. Take a look at New York (by Marie), Chicago (by Shalaigh), and Carbondale, by yours truly.

One good thing about a virtual tour is that one thing leads to another. You go there, you see cool stuff, and it just gets better and better.

Thanks again!