Monday, January 10, 2005

Best Weblogs

Congratulations to Luciana Mottola-Lugo, Grand Prize Winner who worked hard on her weblog and included great photos from her trip to Aruba, an island between here and her home...

Also, Awni Najim was First Prize Winner: he's got colors, pictures, friends, tons of links, friends, a virtual tour, tons of things! Good job, Awni!

Finally, there's Soo Kwon Jung, whose award is entitled Best Scrolling Poetry, because the original scrolling poetry is the best part of the page. When he won the prize, you had to wait a minute for the poetry to appear, but it did, and it was good. Now it's changed a little, or maybe it doesn't work the same way on Safari. I'm not sure. Anyway, good job!

By the way, there were lots of excellent weblog portfolios in the upper classes, which are learning how to put formal writing on weblogs and make presentation an art. Of mention here are Yen and Selena especially, who worked hard on their papers and did an excellent job with their weblogs. This is not easy. It's especially difficult to take a paper and present it to the world in a formal way. But, now you can find yourself on the web: just type in key words to Google!

Congratulations to all CESL students! And Happy New Year...I look forward to more!